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Our Story: Elegance and Eco-Integrity

At Modest Maillot, our story is one of passion, purpose, and a pursuit of sustainability. It all started with a woman's quest for swimwear that aligned with her values of modesty, elegance, and confidence. Frustrated by the lack of options, she decided to create her own brand, where fashion and sustainability intertwine.

Sustainability lies at the core of our business. Every piece of fabric in our swimwear is carefully crafted from recycled materials, specifically recycled polyamide. By giving new life to discarded materials, we not only create luxurious swimwear but also contribute to the reduction of waste and the preservation of our planet.

From design to production, we take a hands-on approach. Our swimwear is meticulously designed in-house, ensuring that each piece embodies the qualities of quality and style. Through a custom cut & sew process, we handpick UV-protective and ethically responsible materials, while collaborating with manufacturers who share our commitment to ethical standards.

As a small startup, we take personal responsibility for every step of your swimsuit's journey. From conceptualisation to the meticulous design process, careful selection of sustainable fabrics, precise grading and pattern cutting, skilled stitching, and thoughtful packaging and distribution – we handle it all with genuine care and attention. Our commitment to excellence ensures that the product you receive reflects our dedication to delivering the highest quality.

We understand the value of sustainability, not just for our planet but also for the people involved. While sustainable fashion may come with a higher price tag due to small-scale production, it's essential to consider the hidden costs of fast fashion. By choosing to support sustainable brands like ours, you contribute to a more equitable industry and a healthier environment.

By choosing Modest Maillot, you are not only supporting a small startup, but also joining us in our mission to create a more sustainable future. With every purchase from our first collection, you contribute to the rescue of 700kg of waste, demonstrating your commitment to making a positive difference. Together, we can embrace a conscious lifestyle and promote sustainability.

Join us on our mission to blend modesty with elegance, confidence, and care for our planet.